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Charitable Organization and Fund for Ukraine

Cloud Walker is an idea born last summer when we were struggling getting any kind of support. We were in the frontlines of Kherson in need of food, medicines, equipment and finances. We were fulfilling part of our necessities thanks to the volunteers and supporters. We were sharing our spare stuff with other teams as they were doing with us. Everybody in this war, if wanted to be properly equipped for his own and his teammates safety, basically had to buy all the necessary with his own money. After we closed our contracts, in winter, the situation on the battlefields got worse. Since civilian life doesn’t fit us, we immediately started to give away our supplies to our comrades in the war zone. We started to do humanitarian missions all along the battlefront from Kupiansk, Donbas and in direction of Kherson with our own ambulance. Since the beginning of war, we are trying our best to fight russians’ propaganda divulgating verified informations and collaborating with the autonomous information movements Punto Interno, and WAW War Against War. In December our ONG was officially ready. Our job is to: collect, store, deliver food, medicines, clothes, etc. and do Medevacuation and coordination with rehabilitation clinics. We collaborate with the Ukrainian Army (ЗСУ) and International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine. Thanks to the donations we bring to life the project of a stomatologist clinique on wheels and we already operate it with the help of the medics of Polymed Academy. Many interesting other big projects are in our schedule such as an orphanage and a rehabilitation centre for foreigners.


A Ukraine liberated in all its parts from the hegemony of the russian terrorist state

A quick recovery and reconstruction even better of the cities and villages razed to the ground by the aggressor.


Support with humanitarian aid our brothers in arms in the war zone and civilians in liberated villages or under orcs’s fire.

Fight against aggressor’s propaganda by divulgating verified informations on the situation of the war.

Giulia Schiff


My name is Giulia Jasmine Schiff, callsign Kida. I was born near Venice, Italy in 1999.

Victor Frydman


My name is Victor Frydman, callsign Wolf. I was born in 1993, in Dnipro, Ukraine.

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